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What is Cashitto?

Cashitto is an Android app that allows it's users to generate revenue by fulfilling various offers on their device. Offers range from downloading an app or a game to completing a simple survey online. Each offer takes just few moments of users time. Completing an offer grants user Points - a Cashitto currency, that can be exchanged for many real world rewards!

You might be asking "I'd earn more if I went to work". Well, that might be true! However, lot's of us have long morning and evening commute to and from work. Have you ever thought about monetizing this time? Imagine, you, sitting through thirty minute bus ride home, earning money for some great dinner! There are so many opportunities, so don't wait up and grab them!

Make some money

A quick how-to

Install our app

Download our lightweight and easy-to-use app from the Google Play store to your Android device. Don't worry, it won't slow your device down!

Complete Offers

Select an offer that you like, maybe an interesting game, install it, play it a little and earn some points by doing so!

Cashout Points

When you acquire enough points, you can select the reward of your desire. Some might prefer direct PayPal deposit, some might choose Bitcoin or coupons. It's up to you!

How do you get paid?

Cashitto offers multiple payment options. The choice is yours!



Payments are usually processed in 24 hours.


Cashitto app is available for free on Google Play store

Earn even more with Cashitto!

Share your referral code with your family, friends and colleagues and earn a percentage of what they earn!

Your referral code can be found in Cashitto app, inside My Profile tab.

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